Hi, I’m Belisia

I collect moments. The happy ones, the nostalgic ones, the precious ones. I am obsessed with the possibility of preserving an entire moment in time with the touch of my shutter button.

Nothing creates instant nostalgia like film photography. Tangible photos that you can hold and remember all the little details. I currently own 12 different cameras that I keep in rotation to create as much nostalgia as possible! Nothing excites me like getting a message that says something like, “Okay Belisia, I want you to make photos for me. I want to see how you see me. I trust you.”

Thank you for allowing me to not only witness, but also document YOUR meaningful moments. It’s a privilege I treasure greatly.


The Captivating Power of Symmetry in Photography

Photography is an art form that allows us to capture moments, tell stories, and evoke emotions through visual representation. One technique that has the ability to create stunning and impactful images is the use of symmetry. Symmetry in photography refers to a balanced composition that can be achieved by capturing

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There are as many tastes in photography as there are people.
Choose yours by viewing my work.

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