Hey you

My first letter is to update you and to reintroduce myself. So hi, I’m Belisia,
welcome to my dream world. I’ve finally created it (with the help of some crazy
talented women!) and now it’s time to enjoy. But first, let’s go back to day one for a
Most days I didn’t think we could do it, but here we are 5+ years in and 2 brands
later. My favorite part is how they’ve unfolded organically. LET ME EXPLAIN…

In the beginning, I wanted to take pretty photos in pretty light. That was basically
my only goal. Chasing light and the perfect moment was thrilling. But then I grew
tired of posed & pretty and started brainstorming how to bring more of a lifestyle
vibe to my work. I started pushing sessions in downtown Charleston- specifically
at White Point Gardens and surrounding areas. Doing this allowed me to worry less
about location and focus my attention on curating my client experience. As a side
bonus that I wasn’t even aware of at the time— I learned this location inside and
out. I learned the light, the best angles and how to shoot fast.

Next scene: FILM! I discovered the magic that is 35mm film. It was a bumpy start
and I was mega scared to bring it out at sessions, but I was hooked! For me, a film
photograph equals how the moment felt. I started shooting a lot of film for my
personal work but hesitated using it for client work because I felt like the
expectation for it wasn’t there and I didn’t want to risk disappointing anyone. I felt

Slowly but surely, I began to realize it was on me to control the narrative of the
session as well as the tools that I used to make photographs. I began to shed the
expectations. It was scary but SO worth it!

So, now what? Will people like my film photographs? What was I going to do about
all those asking for posed & pretty? Do I turn away all the constant requests for
mini sessions?? Where do I fit in?

To be continued…